Saturday, April 17, 2010

Under the Snow

Just under the snow, just at the edge where the bare earth is beginning to be discernible, there are clear signs that the season of spring has arrived.

At the very edge of a pathway, the snow melted from underneath reveals a clump of green unfurling itself from beneath the overlying snow.

A robin pulls a worm from beneath the dirt that only two days earlier had been covered with a thick layer of snow accumulated over the course of the winter.

When Janice Haakons, Holden's intrepid gardener, arrived three days ago, she took a rake to a small patch of dirt covered by a season of falling vegetation from a nearby tree. Lo! there were green shoots punching up into the air from a winter spent below the surface.

Spring, full-blown, is on the way!


Teri said...

Wanda, love your blog. Keeps me connected with all of you.

Teri Tou

Karen said...

Hi Wanda!
That means that I get to go to Holden soon! I'm so ready to take a break from the craziness called life!
I think I come in on July 1 and I know I'll miss you :(. Thanks for the great pictures!


David said...

I haven't read in a while, it's good to get a glimpse of the village, Thank you for your words and photos.

Anonymous said...

Readiness is all.......................................................