Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2: Courtesy of the Ultimate Prankster

It is April 2, and it is still snowing!

The Ultimate Prankster saw fit to begin this massive snowfall on April Fool's Day, and it is threatening to dash the hopes of everyone who wanted to park their Yaktrax in the closet for Easter Sunday.

Head Maverick Jacob Sperati will sweep steps and tromp pathways all day and never get ahead of the coverage.

Mid-morning, and the village appears to be deserted. The snow continues to fall, and the seats of the summer Adirondack chairs brought out too early for lasting spring weather, once again fill up with snow.

A number of guests are leaving today, and the bus awaits their departure. Their only consolation, upon looking at the ever-deepening snow covering the road, is that since they are going DOWN the mountain, there is the distinct possibility that there will be less snow on the switchbacks than there is on the road in the village itself. The intrepid Noah Nierman, whose more usual job assignment is Staff Coordinator, will see them safely to the boat at Lucerne.

The view from the porch of the dining hall is one of utter whiteness, both on the ground and in the air. There is so much snow falling that there is not a glimmer of sunlight to ease the gray to silver. As the saying goes, we are "socked in."

In the meantime, Pastor Nancy Winder, who sustained a serious break to her right foot about a month ago, must be transported from her residence up on Chalet Hill down to the dining hall for meals. She arrives for lunch aboard "The Imp."

The bus returns from the boat with guests arriving for the Easter Weekend. I have no idea what they expected, weather-wise, but it is still snowing and looks as if it might turn out to be an Easter they will never forget! Those already in the village wave them in...a time-honored tradition, snow or no snow.

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