Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Passage of Sunlight

On these
Waning days
Of summer,
The sun
Up the backside
Of the eastern ridge of rock.
It breaks free,
Comes fully into the morning sky,
But from an ever more southerly direction.

With no hindrance
To its passage,
The light
Beams its way into open spaces,
Flooding the meadow
Between the mountains,
Dazzling the tansy,
And coaxing the oxeye daisies
Into surrendering
The night's collection of dew.

As the sun approaches its zenith,
Rays of greatest intensity
Shoot downward,
Penetrating the upper canopy
Of the forest,
Finding space enough
Between the towers of ancient trees
To transform
The more ordinary foliage of an undercover specimen
Into a veritable burning bush.

Its passage thus diverted,
The light
Slips silently
Onto the earth,
And moves in dappled pools
Over roots and rocks,
Edges itself across the mat
Of leaves and needles
Left in a former season
To form a carpet on the forest floor.

Traveling thus sideways,
The light continues to move,
Until it comes to rest,
Upon the feathery fronds
Of ferns
Grown as tall
As available space
And the carrying capacity
Will allow.

And there,
Upon the surface
Of such fairy fragility,
The weight of sunlight
Is of such inconsequence
That the ferns
Reach up to greet it,
Embracing its energy
And assuming the aura
Of divine radiance it bestows upon them.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We Have This Small Treasure: Fishing

Although Holden Village is not known as a "Fisherman's Paradise," many who come here enjoy fishing in nearby waters.

Practice with a handmade fishing pole begins at an early age. On the bank of Railroad Creek this Sunday morning, young Aiden and sister Vivien try their luck using a stick pole with a washer for a weight. There did not seem to be either a hook or bait of any kind.

This past week a group of children from Narnia made their own fishing poles and went as a group to try their luck fishing Railroad Creek. While luck was hard to come by, the entire group seemed cheerful enough as they made their way back to Narnia at mid-morning.

Before you know it, the young ones grow up to be adults, and sometimes luck improves with age and experience...and better fishing gear!

Harlan Kadan of Jamesown, ND and James Trutwin of Golden IL proudly display their catch, prepared the next morning for breakfast and for the enjoyment of all who were invited to partake of the early morning feast.

It has long been a tradition at Holden for the cooks to prepare freshly caught fish for breakfast. You catch them, clean them, and tell the kitchen what time you want them ready to eat the next morning.

This particular practice of hospitality is, indeed, a small treasure.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Holden Village News Flash!

Holden Village
Saturday, August 1, 2009
7:00 am

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow at Agape's tree is missing.