Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool!

Looking a bit otherworldly, this forlorn creature greeted early morning coffee drinkers in the dining hall. It was the most obvious of the beginning-of-the-day April Fool's Day pranks.

The breakfast buffet line had been reversed. The "silver chairs" had been exchanged with the mining era "black chairs." You dare not trust the contents of the condiments containers...and folks are still looking for the soy sauce! There was a choice of green milk and pink milk...forget what % milk you wanted.

And all of this before matins!

Just before the training session for the "First Response Team" got underway, there were reports that a roof-a-lanche had taken out the early morning dining hall coffee drinker.

Aubrey, the Village Child, had to be convinced that it was "just a prank, Aubrey, just a prank" as the victim's boots actually belonged to her dad. Oh my!

Meanwhile, the greatest prank of all. A gift from the Ultimate Prankster. It is April 1 and it is snowing.