Friday, May 14, 2010

The Stained Glass Doors

What you are looking at is the future door of Koinonia. It will be a door made of stained glass...4 stained glass panels in either door and a small and separate panel to the side.

I hesitate to put this picture on the blog because it in no way does justice to what the door will look like when the sunlight streams through the glass. Here, photographs were taken of each of the 9 individual panels, a sheet hanging on the outside of the window in order that nothing might be seen though the glass. Then the 9 separate pictures were "photo-shopped" into one composite picture.

You can see the design quite clearly, and in and of itself, it is impressive. But when sunlight passes through the glass, it is just a wonder.

The door has been in the planning stages for some time now. Its design came into being under the direction of Joe Hester, artist at the Grunewald Guild. Early design was also assisted by Jack Coffey who, at the time, worked in Holden's "craft cave."

At every step in the process, villagers were consulted for input in the design. The final construction of the panels was done in the village by staff members, none of whom had ever done any stain glass work of this magnitude before.

Just this week, the panels were returned to the village after being sent away to be encased in protective glass. For the next month, they will be at the Holden Art Show at the Golden West Gallery in Stehekin.

Plans for the construction of the actual doors have been finalized and work is set to begin soon. Eventually, they will be a beautiful addition to Koinonia.